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Select your destination to understand the visa requirements and documentation needed Which ever country you plan to visit, Abroad visa point can help you get there safely, and with confidence. Border access can be tricky, but with the right Embassy help and advice it need not be. Select your destination below to access all the information you will need to ensure your safe passage.
Making the visa application process straight forward Applying for visas can be a time consuming process. Often it requires two visits to an embassy and waiting in line for a lengthy period of time. That’s why we have our very own dedicated visa services team. Whilst the visa application is in process it’s normal for the passport to be held by the embassy until the visa is issued. If you are a frequent traveler this can present problems.

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Embassy requirements change regularly. We keep our customers informed whenever there is a change that may affect them. Embassies are under no obligation to issue you a visa or explain why it has been denied and will not refund the application cost if a visa is not granted.


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Our expert visa consultants have over 5 years’ experience between them working with all the embassies and consulates in UAE. With their help you can minimize the chances of a costly application rejection, which could ultimately lead to your trip being cancelled. Our visa team is located minutes away from the embassies in UAE and has built strong relationships with consulate officials over many years to ensure they know exactly what is needed, and are informed as soon as rules or regulations change.


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  • If you are arranging your travel plans through us, you will automatically be alerted if the country you are travelling to requires you to have a visa
  • We provide a simple visa form clearly outlining the documents required to process your application
  • We advise on costs and timeframes
  • We verify that the documents are in the correct format and include all the necessary information, minimizing the chance of rejection
  • Our in-house couriers expedite the process by personally visiting the relevant embassies with your application
  • Documents are dispatched back to you securely and quickly
  • Unlike other travel management companies, the entire process is managed in-house and not outsourced, giving us complete control over your application.
  • To speak to one of our Visa Consultants, call our team on 042282123 OR Send whatsApp message +971559969914, +971555216949.


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